Winter Boots!!

I’m on the current look-out for winter boots and look what caught my eye! Rain-boots!!  It has never crossed my mind to get rain-boots for winter but I guess these will do a perfect job of keeping rain/snow from my feet!!

What caught my eye:

Hunter Regent Motcomb – £ 145.00

Hunter Regent Carlyle – £ 165.00

Hunter Regent Savoy – £ 125.00

Hunter & Jimmy Choo – The Hiker Tall Boot – £ 255.00

Hunter Original Tall – £ 75.00

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?! They looks so comfy too! Oh, and they have these nice furry socks!!

Hunter Leopard Cuff – £ 30.00

Hunter Grizzly Cuff Welly Socks – £ 30.00

Pictures adapted from

Okay, they look great but the price is really on the high side…. sigh….

But I’ve found a local website selling cute rain boots!

Tokidoki rain boots – S$60.80

Chanel inspired rain boots – S$55.80

So what do you think? Rain boots for winter? Yes? No?




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4 Responses to Winter Boots!!

  1. Trinketslove says:

    Love Hunter’s rain boots! Like the first design! I nearly wanted to buy from ASOS last year but held back cos it’s not practical to wear in SG! 😀

    • Jenice says:

      well, with the rain (and floods) lately, Im beginning to think that they will come in handy someday XD
      But I think they are not very practical for my trip :p I have just bought ecco’s boots during the Robinsons sale! they are really light and comfy!!! =D

  2. miss Elain-nio says:

    Rain boots are cute and good when it is raining. But, I just worry they may be stiff and cut the feet. Anyway, I do reckon you check the boots selection on G-Market Korea. We can always put together an order soon so the items will arrive in time. :p

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