Shills Skin and Hair savers

Have you ever encounter a scenario when you have skin problems or a bad hair day just prior to an important event? I know I do. Hence, I will like to share with you 2 products which has helped me.

Shills Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask

The 1st product is Shills Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask. I use this mask when I feel that my skin is dry, sunburnt or when I need a perk-me-up. This gel mask has a soothing effect which calms redness, tightens pores and retain moisture in the skin. Upon using it, I found that the gel feels cool and refreshing! After washing it off, my skin feels smooth and moisturized. I do recommend that you keep this in the fridge before using for better results! 😉 This costs S$28.50 and is available here and at all Sasa outlets.

Simple usage steps: Cleanse skin thoroughly; apply a thick layer over skin. Wash off after 15-20 minutes.

SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximizing Hair Volume Spray

Photo Credits from Beautybistro

The second product is a hair spray but not any hair spray! This hair spray is touted to produce extra volume for your hair! As I have very long hair, my hair is weighed down and this causes the top part of my head to be flat and limp. With the top part flat, my face seems rounder and *gasp* fatter. Therefore, I need volume on the top part of my head. I have used the hair volume spray on the hair roots at the top part of my head, teased it a little and vola!, volume!! As you can view from the pictures below, the one on the left is without the hair spray. Look at how flat the top part is and (arghh…) how fat my face looks… 😦 The picture on the right is me with the hair spray on the top part of the head. I have sprayed on it 3 times and teased it a little and instantly, I have more volume! My face is instantly slimmer too!! XD This costs S$24.90 and is available here and also at Sasa outlets.

Simple Usage Steps: Spray at the hair roots from a distance of 10cm, tease and vola!

Hope my reviews are helpful 😉

Thanks for reading!

The above products are kindly gifted by Beautybistro. All reviews are my own.

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One Response to Shills Skin and Hair savers

  1. Pink Angel says:

    Hi babe! finally updated your blog :p and no! your face not fat nor round ok!!

    more post coming plssss! 🙂

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