Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick – African Sunset

Thanks to my makeup buddies, I have managed to get a piece of the highly raved Addiction by Ayako makeup range. Addiction by Ayako is created by make up artist Ayako (obviously :p) who used to work in NARS. Hence, the packaging of the Addiction by Ayako makeup range has an uncanny resemblance to NARS’s (minus the yucky rubbery exterior).

I had wanted to try their eyeshadow singles but as they have too many shades (54 shades!), I cannot decide on the ones I want. So I zoomed in to my next love – the blushers! I have decided on the Cheek Stick as it can be used on the face and lips. There are 9 shades (1 new yummy shade after I have made my purchase! Arggh *sadface*) and I settled on African Sunset.

When I first received the Cheek Stick, I was flabbergasted at how tiny it is! It is the same size of a lipstick! African Sunset is a beige-peach with a pearly sheen to it (swatches can be found here and here). However, I find it a tad dry when using it on the cheeks and lips. I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks it is dry as everyone else is raving at how creamy it is -_- Did I get a bad product? Guess I gotta give it another go or heat it up a little? o.O

Below is a LOTD I have done using Kate’s Eye Shadow DB (Dual-Blend) (a gift from Elaine <3) with African Sunset.

You may wish to check out Elaine’s look using the Addiction Cheek Stick here

Thanks for reading!

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4 Responses to Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick – African Sunset

  1. trinketslove says:

    I think Sunset is abit drier than the Espriques Cheek sticks or the Canmake cream blushers but still quite easy to blend. I like it as it perks up my face and it’s a very natural color! :D

    • Jenice says:

      yes! its drier than Esprique and Canmake’s but blending is still ok. Though I feel that I have to layer it on quite a bit for the color to show….

      • trinketslove says:

        Yupz! The color is just nice for us who likes subtle cheek colors these days! Have it light and build up color slowly is better than a heavy patch and ending up trying hard to blend it out! :P

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