Kose Esprique New Launch

Thanks to Elaine and Kose’s Sophia, we managed to obtain invites to the Kose Esprique Workshop on 23rd Sept. Kose Esprique has specially invited Kevin 老师of 女人我最大 to showcase different looks using the latest Esprique makeup.

Understanding the need to reduce the time spent on putting on makeup (this means more beauty sleep, yes!), Kose Esprique has developed their new makeup range based on the “One Stroke” concept. The new 10 eyeshadow palettes – Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny) [A-1 to A-5] for day and  Blend Dimensional Eyes (Deep) [B-1 to B-5] for night, will allow you to complete your eye makeup in less than 5 mins!

Kevin 老师 demostrated 2 different looks – the day and night using the palettes. He showed us how we can mix the 3 different colours to make a new colour by swiping the applicator across the 3 colours up and down! The mixed colour is subtle yet pigmented enough to be used as a overall wash on the lids. Just top up with Esprique waterproof crayon eyeliner + Esprique Full Impressions mascara and you are good to go! This is a good method for ladies who are new to playing with makeup and this reduces makeup application time if you are in a hurry. For ladies well-versed in using makeup, you can use the colours separately to do a more defined look.

Pictures from the workshop

There’s nothing wrong with the picture above. The model has a day look on her left and a night look on her right. I like the night look alot! Her eyes look so much bigger and very defined!!

Kose is very kind to give out Kevin 老师’s autographed books to 20 lucky draw winners and I’m one of them! (My god! I seldom win anything so I was really surprised!! =D)

Kevin 老师’s autographed books

All the lucky draw winners (Group pict fail)

At least I got a picture with him by myself!

Okay, 2 pictures with him!!! Triple win!

At the end of the workshop, there’s another draw for the ladies who didn’t win anything and this time, 2 lucky ladies get to win a makeover by Kevin 老师 for 24th Sept’s roadshow at Somerset 313!! Lynn is so lucky to have won a spot!! So the girlies decided to join her at the roadshow (and to ask Kevin 老师 for his autographs! I’ve decided to join them at the last minute so I didn’t bring my books along..sad…)

Love Lynn's makeover!!! ❤

Happily autographing for them

We forgot to ask him for a group pict so this is the best alternative! LOL

For those who missed today’s roadshow, don’t fret. There’s another one tomorrow at Somerset 313 from 3-5pm!! Do try to attend the roadshow as he provides really good tips!!

For more pictures on the workshop and roadshow, do check out Elaine’s blog here 😉

Thanks for reading!

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8 Responses to Kose Esprique New Launch

  1. miss Elain-nio says:

    LOL … I think the photo with Kevin’s cardboard cut-out is hilarious!

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  3. Pink Angel says:

    woohoo! The 3 of you look so pretty here :)) nice!!

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