Winter Boots!!

I’m on the current look-out for winter boots and look what caught my eye! Rain-boots!!  It has never crossed my mind to get rain-boots for winter but I guess these will do a perfect job of keeping rain/snow from my feet!!

What caught my eye:

Hunter Regent Motcomb – £ 145.00

Hunter Regent Carlyle – £ 165.00

Hunter Regent Savoy – £ 125.00

Hunter & Jimmy Choo – The Hiker Tall Boot – £ 255.00

Hunter Original Tall – £ 75.00

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?! They looks so comfy too! Oh, and they have these nice furry socks!!

Hunter Leopard Cuff – £ 30.00

Hunter Grizzly Cuff Welly Socks – £ 30.00

Pictures adapted from

Okay, they look great but the price is really on the high side…. sigh….

But I’ve found a local website selling cute rain boots!

Tokidoki rain boots – S$60.80

Chanel inspired rain boots – S$55.80

So what do you think? Rain boots for winter? Yes? No?




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Looking blue

I have caught Elaine’s and Lynn’s blue bug lately and finds myself reaching for blues almost everyday XD Here’s a look I have done using the MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Hint of Sapphire and Clio Art Blusher in 1 Peach which Elaine has kindly lent me to play with ♥

♦ Items Used

(Top picture; from left) MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Hint of Sapphire and Clio Art Blusher in 1 Peach

(Bottom picture; from left) MAC Mega Metal Shadow in Dalliance, MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Hint of Sapphire, Clio Art Blusher in 1 Peach, Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof liner in Marine

♦ Swatches ♦

Left picture taken under Indoor Lighting; Right with flash

(from top) 1st 2 from MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Hint of Sapphire, Clio Art Blusher in 1 Peach, MAC Mega Metal Shadow in Dalliance, Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof liner in Marine

On me; with flash

Close up; under Indoor Lighting

Hope you like my ‘blue’ look!

Thanks for reading!

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Shills Skin and Hair savers

Have you ever encounter a scenario when you have skin problems or a bad hair day just prior to an important event? I know I do. Hence, I will like to share with you 2 products which has helped me.

Shills Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask

The 1st product is Shills Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask. I use this mask when I feel that my skin is dry, sunburnt or when I need a perk-me-up. This gel mask has a soothing effect which calms redness, tightens pores and retain moisture in the skin. Upon using it, I found that the gel feels cool and refreshing! After washing it off, my skin feels smooth and moisturized. I do recommend that you keep this in the fridge before using for better results! 😉 This costs S$28.50 and is available here and at all Sasa outlets.

Simple usage steps: Cleanse skin thoroughly; apply a thick layer over skin. Wash off after 15-20 minutes.

SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximizing Hair Volume Spray

Photo Credits from Beautybistro

The second product is a hair spray but not any hair spray! This hair spray is touted to produce extra volume for your hair! As I have very long hair, my hair is weighed down and this causes the top part of my head to be flat and limp. With the top part flat, my face seems rounder and *gasp* fatter. Therefore, I need volume on the top part of my head. I have used the hair volume spray on the hair roots at the top part of my head, teased it a little and vola!, volume!! As you can view from the pictures below, the one on the left is without the hair spray. Look at how flat the top part is and (arghh…) how fat my face looks… 😦 The picture on the right is me with the hair spray on the top part of the head. I have sprayed on it 3 times and teased it a little and instantly, I have more volume! My face is instantly slimmer too!! XD This costs S$24.90 and is available here and also at Sasa outlets.

Simple Usage Steps: Spray at the hair roots from a distance of 10cm, tease and vola!

Hope my reviews are helpful 😉

Thanks for reading!

The above products are kindly gifted by Beautybistro. All reviews are my own.

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Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick – African Sunset

Thanks to my makeup buddies, I have managed to get a piece of the highly raved Addiction by Ayako makeup range. Addiction by Ayako is created by make up artist Ayako (obviously :p) who used to work in NARS. Hence, the packaging of the Addiction by Ayako makeup range has an uncanny resemblance to NARS’s (minus the yucky rubbery exterior).

I had wanted to try their eyeshadow singles but as they have too many shades (54 shades!), I cannot decide on the ones I want. So I zoomed in to my next love – the blushers! I have decided on the Cheek Stick as it can be used on the face and lips. There are 9 shades (1 new yummy shade after I have made my purchase! Arggh *sadface*) and I settled on African Sunset.

When I first received the Cheek Stick, I was flabbergasted at how tiny it is! It is the same size of a lipstick! African Sunset is a beige-peach with a pearly sheen to it (swatches can be found here and here). However, I find it a tad dry when using it on the cheeks and lips. I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks it is dry as everyone else is raving at how creamy it is -_- Did I get a bad product? Guess I gotta give it another go or heat it up a little? o.O

Below is a LOTD I have done using Kate’s Eye Shadow DB (Dual-Blend) (a gift from Elaine <3) with African Sunset.

You may wish to check out Elaine’s look using the Addiction Cheek Stick here

Thanks for reading!

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♥ Gifts Galore ♥

I love September and I think this year’s September is a really lucky month for me… tons of pressies and lucky draw gifts! LOL

Pressie from Lynn

First up is a lovely gift from the hot mummy, Lynn. Thank you so much babe! Really appreciate it!! ❤

Beautiful!! =D

Esprique Melty Fix Cheek in BE300, Kate gel eye shadow in PU-1, Soap & Glory Scrub, Sephora Eye Pencil in 11 Silver Green, Sephora Jumbo Eyeliner in 04 Taupe, Laneige Lip & Eye Makeup Cleanser

I’ve been dying to try the new Esprique Melty Fix Cheek and I think she has read my mind! LOL! There’s so much ♥ in this package. I’m really happy to have met and got to know my beauty pals. They are such lovely ladies ❤

Pressie from myself! LOL

Ok, getting a birthday pressie for myself is just a excuse for me to buy XD After trying out Sephora’s Jumbo liners, I have to get more!!

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, Sephora Jumbo Eyeliners in 13 Marine and 15 Purple

My Sephora Jumbo Eyeliner stash (from top): 04 Taupe, 05 Beige, 15 Purple, 13 Marine, 09 Kaki

Chanel Joues Contraste blush in 67 Rose Tourbillon

And my very first Chanel Joues Contraste blush!! I’m now officially addicted to JC blushers and my to-get list is getting longer… not good for the wallet…

More Pressies from the Hubs ♥

Hohoho… my dearest hubby has given me a budget to spend and these are what I’ve got! Dresses and more Esprique Melty Fix Cheeks!!

H&M Butterfly Print Dress

Dress from Forever21

Dress from Forever21

Maxi Dress from Forever21

Close up of the beads on the Maxi Dress

Earrings from Forever21

Esprique Melty Fix Cheek in RO600 & RD400, Milani Baked Blush in Illuminous, samples of Dior Forever, Radiant Base and Kose Supreme Makeup Base and Foundation

I’m a happy happy girl! ♥

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Kose Esprique New Launch

Thanks to Elaine and Kose’s Sophia, we managed to obtain invites to the Kose Esprique Workshop on 23rd Sept. Kose Esprique has specially invited Kevin 老师of 女人我最大 to showcase different looks using the latest Esprique makeup.

Understanding the need to reduce the time spent on putting on makeup (this means more beauty sleep, yes!), Kose Esprique has developed their new makeup range based on the “One Stroke” concept. The new 10 eyeshadow palettes – Blend Dimensional Eyes (Shiny) [A-1 to A-5] for day and  Blend Dimensional Eyes (Deep) [B-1 to B-5] for night, will allow you to complete your eye makeup in less than 5 mins!

Kevin 老师 demostrated 2 different looks – the day and night using the palettes. He showed us how we can mix the 3 different colours to make a new colour by swiping the applicator across the 3 colours up and down! The mixed colour is subtle yet pigmented enough to be used as a overall wash on the lids. Just top up with Esprique waterproof crayon eyeliner + Esprique Full Impressions mascara and you are good to go! This is a good method for ladies who are new to playing with makeup and this reduces makeup application time if you are in a hurry. For ladies well-versed in using makeup, you can use the colours separately to do a more defined look.

Pictures from the workshop

There’s nothing wrong with the picture above. The model has a day look on her left and a night look on her right. I like the night look alot! Her eyes look so much bigger and very defined!!

Kose is very kind to give out Kevin 老师’s autographed books to 20 lucky draw winners and I’m one of them! (My god! I seldom win anything so I was really surprised!! =D)

Kevin 老师’s autographed books

All the lucky draw winners (Group pict fail)

At least I got a picture with him by myself!

Okay, 2 pictures with him!!! Triple win!

At the end of the workshop, there’s another draw for the ladies who didn’t win anything and this time, 2 lucky ladies get to win a makeover by Kevin 老师 for 24th Sept’s roadshow at Somerset 313!! Lynn is so lucky to have won a spot!! So the girlies decided to join her at the roadshow (and to ask Kevin 老师 for his autographs! I’ve decided to join them at the last minute so I didn’t bring my books along..sad…)

Love Lynn's makeover!!! ❤

Happily autographing for them

We forgot to ask him for a group pict so this is the best alternative! LOL

For those who missed today’s roadshow, don’t fret. There’s another one tomorrow at Somerset 313 from 3-5pm!! Do try to attend the roadshow as he provides really good tips!!

For more pictures on the workshop and roadshow, do check out Elaine’s blog here 😉

Thanks for reading!

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GA Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadows

Thanks to Lynn, I have managed to get hold on the highly raved Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadows. According to GA, the ETK Intense eyeshadows are of “an innovative hybrid texture, which is not a powder, nor a cream and acts like a smooth, lasting color film. Each shade is intensified with a second pigment for a multi-dimensional effect.” They are also touted to have a 24hour color wear, crease proof, flake proof, waterproof and sweat-proof.

After checking out Jennifer’s awesome swatches in her blog, I have shortlisted 8 ETKs, namely, #1 Blast of Blue, #2 Lust Red, #3 Purpura, #6 Khaki Pulse, #8 Champagne, #9 Rock Sand, #14 Gold Spirit, #15 Copper Impress.

Click on the pictures to view them in their true glory

Top L-R: #1 Blast of Blue, #2 Lust Red, #3 Purpura, #6 Khaki Pulse, Bottom L-R: #8 Champagne, #9 Rock Sand, #14 Gold Spirit, #15 Copper Impress

#1 Blast of Blue (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)


#2 Lust Red (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)


#3 Purpura (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)


#6 Khaki Pulse (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)


#8 Champagne (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)


#9 Rock Sand (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)

#14 Gold Spirit (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)


#15 Copper Impress (L-R: in pot, under indoor lighting, with flash)



Under Indoor Lighting (From R-L: #1 Blast of Blue, #2 Lust Red, #3 Purpura, #6 Khaki Pulse, #8 Champagne, #9 Rock Sand, #14 Gold Spirit, #15 Copper Impress)

With Flash (From R-L: #1 Blast of Blue, #2 Lust Red, #3 Purpura, #6 Khaki Pulse, #8 Champagne, #9 Rock Sand, #14 Gold Spirit, #15 Copper Impress)


For the above EOTD, I have used white eyeshadow on the tear ducts, #3 Purpura on the creases and a gold eyeshadow on the inner lids. I love how crease-proof these ETKs are! I can wear them without any primers and not worry if they will fade or crease on my oily lids! ^^ As the colour changes slightly with light, I love the multi-dimensional look they impart ❤ They are truly very unique!!

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